International experts to meet to discuss how low calorie sweeteners are key to Europe’s public health challenges

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International Sweeteners Association hosts ‘Why Low Calories Count’ Conference, on 2nd April in Brussels

Brussels, 1st April 2014: Dr Roberto Bertollini, chief scientist at the World Health Organisation, Professor James Hill and Professor Adam Drewnowski are just three of the leading international experts convening in Brussels tomorrow to discuss the role low calorie sweeteners can play in tackling the major health and lifestyle issues of the day – obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity and oral health.

The 2nd International Sweeteners Association (ISA) conference, on ‘Why Low Calories Count’, will bring together leaders in the fields of obesity, the psychology of food preference, physical activity and oral health for a comprehensive overview of how low calorie sweeteners can help people effect positive lifestyle changes. The conference will be held at the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels on the 2nd April 2014.

“The incidence of obesity and related diseases continues to rise globally”, said Prof Colette Short, Chair of the ISA. She continued: “According to WHO figures , worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980 and the International Diabetes Federation has estimated that by 2035 the number of adults with diabetes in Europe is expected to reach 68.9 million, accounting for 10.3% of the adult population . We are therefore delighted to welcome such a distinguished panel of scientists and experts to explore innovative solutions to reduce energy intake and manage and prevent weight-related health issues.”

The conference speakers include:

  • Dr Roberto Bertollini, chief scientist at the WHO will outline the rising incidence of obesity across Europe, how obesity can be prevented and give a forecast on the future of obesity in Europe.
  • Prof Adam Drewnowski, University of Washington, will be discussing his new research on the correlation between the consumption of low calorie sweeteners and better health behaviours.
  • Prof James Hill, University of Colorado, will be discussing the latest research on how small changes, as small as 100 calories a day, can make a difference when trying to lose weight.
  • Prof Eeva Widström, Chief Dental Officer, Finland, will discuss the role low calorie sweeteners as a good alternative to sugar when trying to create good oral health.
  • Prof Anne Raben, University of Copenhagen, will give an overview on the role low calorie sweeteners can play in a healthy diet.
  • Prof Hely Tuorila, University of Helsinki, will from a sensory and psychological perspective consider if we are programmed to give in to our cravings for sweet foods.
  • Prof Greg Whyte OBE, Liverpool John Moores University, the former Olympic pentathlete will discuss tackling diabetes using physical activity.

The conference will be moderated by Jacki Davis, leading commentator and analyst on European Union affairs. For a full conference programme please click here.

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