ISA adds a pinch of flavour and fun in support of healthy living on World Diabetes Day

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Brussels, 14 November 2014: It is estimated that more than 371 million people in the world suffer from diabetes and this number is growing every day. Today, World Diabetes Day (WDD), the ISA will address the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle choices. To inject fun and flavour into WDD, the ISA is releasing a specially developed animation, as well as a series of healthy breakfast recipes from across Europe. A live Twitter chat co-hosted by specialists in the area, Dr Aimilia Papakonstantinou, dietician and lecturer in Nutrition and Metabolism at the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, and Dr Duane Mellor, Assistant Professor in Dietetics, University of Nottingham, UK, will take place at 14.00 CET today.

The animation is the third in a series of videos developed by the ISA for WDD, and promotes this year’s themes of healthy eating, make healthier choices and the importance of breakfast. This 2 minute animation brings four “Lo Cal Heroes” to life in a town overcast with unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyles. As they dart around the city, each one of our heroes, who represent different health issues, showcase the benefits of small changes and smart swaps, including the use of low calorie sweeteners, to help the town folk lead healthier everyday lives.

Additionally, with the support of diabetes and nutrition experts from across Europe, the ISA has pulled together a variety of low sugar breakfast recipes to help people, including those with diabetes, incorporate the messages from the animation into their everyday lives. These recipes show how by reducing or swapping sugar with low calories sweeteners, anyone can create delicious meals that enable them to enjoy sweetness at breakfast, without excess calories.

Creating awareness is the first step to reducing the risk of diabetes and healthcare professionals agree that there are simple diet and lifestyles changes that can be effective at both preventing and delaying the onset of diabetes as well as managing it.

According to Dr Aimilia Papakonstantinou, “Low and no calorie sweeteners do not affect blood glucose and actually help in long-term glycemic control, meaning that a person with diabetes can have more options and actually comply better with their suggested nutritional plans”.

Through regular exercise and by making smart swaps each day, from sugar sweetened food and drinks to those sweetened with low calorie sweeteners, it is possible to enjoy wider food choices and the pleasure of sweet taste without contributing to raised blood sugar levels or increased insulin needs. By providing sweetness without the calories, low calorie sweetened options can make a useful contribution to a healthy, calorie-controlled diet.

To access the Lo Cal Heroes animation and recipes, please click here.

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