Sweeteners in Your Diet

Drinking low calorie sweetened beverages is associated with a better diet quality and lower energy intake, a new UK study suggests

Following a healthy eating pattern is the new trend in the world of nutrition today and many experts agree it’s time to stop focusing on individual nutrients, and time to start talking about healthy eating patte...
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In The News

Sweetness in diabetes and weight management: Low calorie sweeteners can offer a sweet solution without the calories

May 2016
AFDN Congress- Lille, 26 May 2016: Joining more than 800 dietitians and nutrition experts from around France, ISA was punctual with its “rendez-vous” with the scientific community, by participating in the 54th J...
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The Lo Cal Heroes - Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Four “Lo Cal Heroes” are brought to life in a town overcast with unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyles. As they dart around the city, each one of our heroes, who represent different health issues, showcase the benefits of small changes and smart swaps, including the use of low calorie sweeteners, to help the town folk lead healthier everyday lives.