The use of low or no calorie sweeteners. Position Statement (Updated December 2018)

Autor(en) : Diabetes UK
Name der Veröffentlichung : Diabetes UK website (
Erscheinungsjahr : 2018


The updated Diabetes UK Position Statement on low calorie sweeteners reviews current evidence and provides a set of recommendations about their use. The main conclusion is that: “LNCS [low or no calorie sweeteners] are shown to be safe and they can be used as part of a strategy for adults and children in the management of weight and diabetes”.

The recommendations in the updated Diabetes UK Position Statement state that the use of low calorie sweeteners remains safe with current intake levels within the Acceptable Daily Intakes (ADIs) and that replacing free sugars with low calorie sweeteners can be a helpful strategy to aid glucose management. Regarding their role in weight management, it is stated that substituting low calorie sweeteners for free sugars (especially in sugar sweetened beverages) may be a useful, relatively simple, strategy (or a ‘stepping stone’) to help reduce calorie intake and assist with weight management. This strategy may be particularly helpful and practical for people who regularly consume sweet foods and drinks and prefer a sweet taste.

The Position Statement also recommends that healthcare professionals, such as dietitians, should assess overall diet quality and lifestyle in people who regularly consume sugar-sweetened beverages or low calorie sweetened beverages and that the use of low calorie sweeteners to aid weight loss should be in the context of an overall healthy diet and a wider weight management programme.

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