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The 3rd ISA Conference themed “The science behind low calorie sweeteners: where evidence meets policy” took place on 6th November 2018 in London. On that occasion, leading international scientific experts on low calorie sweeteners presented latest research and evidence-based information and discussed recent public health and nutrition policies related to sugar reduction. Hence, the scientific programme of the conference covered subject areas around the use, safety and benefits of low calorie sweeteners in weight management and glucose control, as well as their role in today’s dietary recommendations. We now invite you to watch below the recordings of the presentations made on that day to discover more on those topics.

Sweet taste, appetite and obesity: Is there a link?

Highlights from the ISA Conference 2018

Low calorie sweeteners in the current public health discussion

Regulation and approval of low calorie sweeteners by international authorities

Evaluating Research by understanding the metabolic fate of different low calorie sweeteners

Latest evidence on low calorie sweeteners’ role in weight management in children and adults

How does consumer perception about low calorie sweeteners affect food behaviour and energy intake?

Do low calorie sweeteners affect glycaemic control and insulin sensitivity?

Low calorie sweeteners and gut microbiota: Why is there a debate?

Low calorie sweeteners’ role in the dietary recommendations for people with diabetes