ISA-FINUT Webinar: “Science update on low/no calorie sweeteners: from safety assessment to evidence-based recommendations and emerging research” [English recording]

At a webinar organised on 27th June 2024 by the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) and the Ibero-American Nutrition Foundation (FINUT) four international experts were invited to talk about the latest science on low/no calorie sweeteners, from safety assessment to evidence-based recommendations and emerging research.

Diego Varela kicked off the event by discussing the vital role of scientific advice in Codex Alimentarius, particularly through the contributions of JECFA and CCFA. Dr. Samuel Durán provided an in-depth analysis of the consumption patterns of low/no calorie sweeteners in Chile. Dr. Hugo Laviada-Molina followed with a comprehensive overview of the scientific evidence and global health recommendations regarding these sweeteners. Finally, Prof. Kees de Graaf concluded the presentations by exploring whether exposure to sweet tastes enhances sweetness liking. The event culminated in an engaging live question and answer session.

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