This section includes resources that have been developed for health professionals by the ISA with the aim to provide evidence-based scientific information on the safety, use, role and benefits of low/no calorie sweeteners.

ISA infographics on low/no calorie sweeteners benefits

These new infographics developed by the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) aim to present the latest scientific information around health benefits of low/no calorie sweeteners in an accessible way:

ISA booklet: Low/no Calorie Sweeteners: Role and Benefits - A guide to the science of low/no calorie sweeteners (September 2023)

For latest factual scientific information on low/no calorie sweeteners, their characteristics and the evidence supporting their beneficial contribution to a balanced diet and lifestyle, please download our recently published interactive booklet entitled “Low/no Calorie Sweeteners: Role and Benefits – A guide to the science of low/no calorie sweeteners”.

This resource contains information on:

  • An introduction to low/no calorie sweeteners (Chapter 1)
  • Safety and regulation of low/no calorie sweeteners (Chapter 2)
  • Low/no calorie sweeteners’ use and role in sugar reduction and a healthy diet (Chapter 3)
  • Low/no calorie sweeteners and weight control (Chapter 4)
  • Low/no calorie sweeteners, diabetes and cardiometabolic health (Chapter 5)
  • Low/no calorie sweeteners and oral health (Chapter 6)
  • Sweet taste in the human diet (Chapter 7)

“Low/no Calorie Sweeteners: Role and Benefits – A guide to the science of low/no calorie sweeteners” is based on science, with references and contributions from internationally recognised experts.

The ISA booklet is now also available in Hebrew

ISA factsheets on low/no calorie sweeteners health benefits

A series of ISA factsheets with the latest scientific information on the role of low calorie sweeteners in obesity, weight management, smart swaps, diabetes, oral health, pregnancy and childhood is available for download below:

ISA recipe booklet: 7 sweet & healthy recipes with low/no calorie sweeteners (March 2024)

Low/no calorie sweeteners provide a simple way to reduce the amount of sugars and calories in our diet when used as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. They can also help us adapt traditional recipes and prepare home-made foods and beverages with zero or less sugar, while still enjoying great tasting, healthy meals. 

Discover the ISA booklet of 7 sweet and healthy recipes with low/no calorie sweeteners. 

This booklet is currently only available in English. 

ISA infographic: The importance of evidence hierarchy in nutrition science - The case of low/no calorie sweeteners (May 2022)

This infographic has been developed by the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) and aims to provide you with more insight on how to assess the quality of available scientific evidence. We hope that it will be a useful resource in which you will find answers to better interpret current science on low/no calorie sweeteners in light of this hierarchy.

It includes a visual to the hierarchy of evidence, as well as an overview of the GRADE approach used to rate the quality of, and certainty in, evidence and the strength of recommendations.