This section includes resources that have been developed for health professionals by the ISA with the aim to provide evidence-based scientific information on the safety, use, role and benefits of low/no calorie sweeteners.

ISA infographics on low/no calorie sweeteners benefits

These new infographics developed by the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) aim to present the latest scientific information around health benefits of low/no calorie sweeteners in an accessible way:

ISA booklet `Low calorie sweeteners: Role and benefits` (September 2018)

For latest factual scientific information on low calorie sweeteners, their characteristics and the evidence supporting their beneficial contribution to a balanced diet and lifestyle, please download our recently published interactive booklet entitled ‘Low calorie sweeteners: Role and benefits – A guide to the science of low calorie sweeteners’.

– This resource contains information on:
– The main characteristics of low calorie sweeteners
– The safety, approval process and regulation of low calorie sweeteners
– The use of low calorie sweeteners in foods and drinks and their role in reformulation and in sugar reduction
– The effect of low calorie sweeteners on reducing energy intake and on weight management
– The impact of low calorie sweeteners on glucose control and therefore their role in the diet of people with diabetes
– How low calorie sweeteners affect oral and dental health
– The role of sweet taste in the human diet
– How low calorie sweeteners can be part of a healthy diet

‘Low Calorie Sweeteners: Role and Benefits’ is based on science, with references and contributions from internationally recognised experts.

The ISA booklet is also available in Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and Bulgarian.

ISA factsheets on low/no calorie sweeteners health benefits (Updated March 2018)

A series of ISA factsheets with the latest scientific information on the role of low calorie sweeteners in obesity, weight management, smart swaps, diabetes, oral health, pregnancy and childhood is available for download below:

ISA short booklet ‘Low calorie sweeteners: Insights into their use, benefits and role in a healthy diet’ (April 2017)

This leaflet has been developed by the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) and aims to provide you with factual, science-based information on low calorie sweeteners, their role and benefits. We hope that it will be a useful resource in which you will find answers to common myths or questions about low calorie sweeteners and insightful information on how they can be used as part of a healthy diet.

It includes an overview of the scientific evidence behind the benefits that low calorie sweeteners can offer, as well as further information related to the history, safety assessment and approval of low calorie sweeteners by regulatory authorities in Europe.