FMD Workshop: ‘Uses and benefits of low/no calorie sweeteners’

The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) is proud to be supporting the online workshop Uses and benefits of low/no calorie sweeteners organised by the Mexican Diabetes Federation (Federación Mexicana de Diabetes – FMD) on 23rd November 2022 from 5:00 to 7:00pm, Mexico City time (00:00-02:00am CET on 24th November). The webinar, dedicated to healthcare professionals, will be held in Spanish.

With the participation of renowned scientific experts, the aim of this workshop is to provide updated information on the use of low/no calorie sweeteners by people with, or at risk of, diabetes. It includes an engaging scientific programme covering various topics on the science behind the safety, use and efficacy of low/no calorie sweeteners, as well as a final session with live questions and answers from the speakers. Dr Rebeca López-García (Mexico) will present about the safety of low/no calorie sweeteners and Dr. Hugo Laviada-Molina (Mexico) will talk about the latest evidence on the benefits of low/ no calorie sweeteners in obesity, diabetes and non-communicable diseases.

Uses and benefits of low/no calorie sweeteners


  • 17:00: Welcome, Mexican Diabetes Federation (FMD)
  • 17:07: The safety of low/no calorie sweeteners, Dr Rebeca López-García, Logre International Food Science Consulting, Mexico
  • 17:50: Participant survey, Mexican Diabetes Federation (FMD)
  • 18:00: Low/ no calorie sweeteners in obesity, diabetes and noncommunicable diseases, Hugo Laviada-Molina, Universidad Marista de Mérida, México
  • 18:45: Conclusion and questions, Mexican Diabetes Federation (FMD)
  • 19:05: Closing remarks, Mexican Diabetes Federation (FMD)


Healthcare professionals may register to attend live the FMD workshop on 23rd November, 17h00 Mexico City time (00h00 CET) by visiting the event registration page here. The workshop will be held in Spanish.