Low calorie sweeteners’ safety, use and benefits explained by experts

Take-home messages from the Ibero-American Nutrition Foundation webinar Highlights: Sweetness liking is innate and decreases from childhood into adulthood. Low calorie sweeteners are added instead of sugar in foods and drinks in order to provide sweet taste with little or no calories. Very small amounts (milligrams) are used to replace grams of sugar and in […]

Low calorie sweeteners in diabetes: Doctors explain their role in glucose control

Science news from the ISA sessions at the 31st National Congress of the Mexican Diabetes Federation Highlights: Low calorie sweeteners are safe and people with diabetes can have benefits from their use as sugar substitutes. Blood glucose levels are not increased by low calorie sweeteners and, thus, can be used in place of sugars for […]

Emerging research about low calorie sweeteners. A Conference review (part 2)

What new came out of the ISA Conference in 2018 Key remarks: Consumers use low calorie sweetened products to control food cravings and to reduce calorie intake while dieting, which potentially explains how low calorie sweeteners can help in weight loss. Eating something sweet, with or without calories, does not make us want to have […]

What do we know about low calorie sweeteners? A Conference review (part 1)

Take-home scientific outcomes for health-care professionals from the ISA Conference in 2018 Key speakers’ remarks: Low calorie sweeteners can be part of the toolbox along with other strategies in dealing with obesity and diabetes. Overall diet quality is key for individuals’ health and well-being. Low calorie sweeteners are part of higher-quality dietary patterns in population […]

What do we know about sweetness preference?

Science news from the EFAD Conference 2018 Highlights: Human preference for sweet taste is innate and universal. Liking for sweetness is intense during childhood and decreases to adolescence and into adulthood, but our appetite for sweetness remains until old age. Current evidence doesn’t support the notion that exposure to sweetness can lead to habituation to, […]

Low calorie sweeteners are safe and can bring benefits in weight and glucose control

Science news from FELANPE 2018 Congress Highlights: The safety of low calorie sweeteners has been thoroughly studied and consistently confirmed by numerous regulatory food safety authorities at a national and international level. The use of low calorie sweeteners in place of sugar and as part of a weight management programme may favour weight loss and […]

Low calorie sweeteners: from scientific evidence… to practical use

Science news from the AFDN conference in France in June, 2018 Highlights: Known for many decades, low calorie sweeteners have a long history of safe use throughout the world. In France, ANSES (the French national food health safety agency) provided a reminder of their safety in a report on the topic in January, 20151. Low calorie sweeteners […]

Low calorie sweeteners and gut microbiome: no effect confirmed in humans

Science news from the 36th Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition in Croatia Highlights: Low calorie sweetener-induced effects on gut microbiome are not confirmed in humans. Outcomes of animal studies testing low calorie sweeteners in very high amounts cannot be translated to effects in humans. Clinical trials confirm no adverse effects of low calorie sweeteners on […]

Sweet taste – no calories: Experts present latest scientific evidence around low calorie sweeteners’ safety, role and benefits

Science news from the ISA symposium at GANEPÃO 2018 nutrition conference in Brazil Highlights: Low calorie sweeteners are amongst the most studied food ingredients worldwide; before being approved for use on the market, low calorie sweeteners are subject to stringent safety evaluations by regulatory authorities around the world that consistently confirm their safety. There is […]

Can low calorie sweeteners help us reduce sugar intake?

Take-home messages from a British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) webinar Highlights: In the current climate, where obesity is a major public health concern, low calorie sweeteners offer a useful tool for reformulation to achieve sugar and calorie reduction in some products. Many health authorities note that substitution of sugars for low calorie sweeteners may be helpful […]