Understanding the role of sweetness in the diet and in health

Measuring sweetness of total diet in future research would help advance evidence-based dietary recommendations Highlights Current evidence does not support the hypothesis that reducing exposure to sweet taste may reduce “sweet tooth” and, in turn, the intake of added sugars and calories. In a perspective, experts call for agreement on an optimal approach for measuring […]

2020 year in review: What did we learn from new research on low/no calorie sweeteners?

Highlights: There is expert consensus that excessive intake of sugars should be reduced to lower the risk and prevalence of obesity, and low/no calorie sweeteners are one of the strategies to help achieve sugar reduction. Two large reviews published in 2020 confirm that low/no calorie sweeteners are useful in weight loss, when replacing sugars in […]

New study adds clarity to the role low/no calorie sweeteners can play in weight loss

Highlights A new big study confirms a useful role for low/no calorie sweeteners in weight management, when used in place of sugar, and adds further clarity as to when their use brings value. Studies comparing low/no calorie sweeteners with water or placebo find no difference on impact on body weight. This proves that sugar substitutes […]

Scientific evidence to inform guidelines: The role of sweeteners in diet and health

Key outcomes of the Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee in the U.S. Highlights: The typical American diet results in overconsumption of fats, sodium and added sugars, while intakes of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are lower than recommended. Excess intake of added sugars should be reduced but focus should also be […]

Why use low/no calorie sweeteners in diabetes? Is there a benefit?

Reviewing current evidence in light of a new systematic review by Lohner et al. Highlights: Low/no calorie sweeteners do not affect glucose control and can be safely consumed by people with diabetes. Consumption of foods containing low/no calorie sweeteners instead of sugar cause a lower blood glucose rise after eating compared to sugar-containing foods. Low/no […]

Can low/no calorie sweeteners help us lose weight? Your question answered by science

New study reviews the totality of clinical trials on low/no calorie sweeteners effects on body weight Highlights: A healthy and balanced diet is important for good health as well as for helping manage our body weight. The main finding of a new systematic review and meta-analysis is that replacing sugar with low/no calorie sweeteners may […]

Year in review: What’s new about low/no calorie sweeteners?

A 2019 science review Highlights: Diabetes associations across the world support the claim that replacing sugars with low/no calorie sweeteners can be a helpful strategy to aid glucose and weight control in diabetes. By enhancing meal enjoyment and control of food cravings, low/no calorie sweetened beverages can help consumers eat less, new studies show. There is no […]

Do low-calorie sweetened beverages help to control food cravings?

Outcomes of two new human experimental studies Highlights: Studies found that low calorie sweetened beverages may help some people to eat less and feel more in control and less guilty about their eating. Study participants who were frequent consumers of low calorie sweeteners consumed fewer calories when low calorie sweetened beverages were available compared to unavailable. Meal enjoyment […]

Low calorie sweeteners in diabetes: updated reports from Diabetes UK, the Latin-American Association for Diabetes (ALAD) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA)

A summary of recent position statements and consensus by diabetes organisations globally Highlights: Low calorie sweeteners are safe for people with diabetes with current intake levels being within the Acceptable Daily Intakes. Low calorie sweeteners have a neutral effect on glucose control; they do not cause a spike in blood glucose, but they should not be […]

Low calorie sweeteners and gut bacteria: No adverse effects at doses relevant to human use

Key remarks from two new review studies on low calorie sweeteners and gut microbiota Highlights: Current studies establish no evidence of adverse effect of low calorie sweeteners on the gut microbiota at doses relevant to human use Dietary changes unrelated to low calorie sweeteners’ consumption are likely the major determinants of change in gut microbiota composition, […]