Let’s talk about obesity and the need to create a healthier food environment


In line with this year’s World Obesity Day theme, “Changing Perspectives: Let’s Talk About Obesity”, the ISA is keen to encourage discussions that can help shift the perception of obesity from ‘Me to We’, including by talking about the need of creating healthier food environments and the role that low/no calorie sweeteners can play in them.

Obesity requires a collective response, and we are proud to collaborate with medical and patient organisations globally to help change perspectives on obesity. Every conversation and action counts!

As part of this campaign, the ISA is honoured to be partnering with renowned obesity and health-related organisations, whom include: CNAO and ADEXO, respectively the French and the Portuguese associations for people living with obesity. Our campaign has also received the valuable support from ANAD, ANBED, FDC and FENAD.

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