About ISA

About the International Sweeteners Association (ISA)

The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) is a non-profit making organisation registered under Belgian law representing manufacturers and users of low calorie sweeteners. The ISA is recognised by the European Commission, national and international regulatory authorities, and the World Health Organisation, and has Non-Government Observer status with the Codex Alimentarius Commission which establishes international food standards.

The ISA informs and educates on the most up-to-date nutritional and scientific information in relation to the role and benefits of low calorie sweeteners, and the foods and beverages that contain them. The ISA encourages research into and enhances understanding of the role that low calorie sweeteners can play in achieving a balanced diet.

The ISA’s mission

The ISA exists to inform and direct all relevant conversations about low calorie sweeteners and to advance the interests of their producers and users.

What the ISA does

The ISA works towards optimal legislation for all low calorie sweeteners and the harmonisation of regulations governing their use. The scope of the ISA is international, with a focus on the European Union.

The ISA constantly monitors media and governmental affairs throughout Europe and the rest of the world and actively fosters the exchange of scientific information among national authorities and the scientific and health professions.

The ISA seeks to ensure that all audiences, from the scientific community to the media, are sharing up-to-date, accurate and unbiased information on the role of low calorie sweeteners in a modern, balanced diet. The ISA is a central source of information for national and European regulators, science groups, health organisations, media and consumers.