Artificially sweetened beverages and the response to the global obesity crisis

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Author(s): Borges MC, Louzada ML, de Sa TH, Laverty AA, Parra DC, Garzillo JM, Monteiro CA, Millett C
Publication name: Plos Med 2017; 14(1): e1002195. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1002195
Publication year: 2017


Christopher Millett and colleagues argue that artificially sweetened beverages should not be promoted as part of a healthy diet.


This paper in Plos Medicine by Borges et al is only a commentary and not a new clinical study or review of the literature and therefore cannot provide supporting data to the claims that there is an “absence of evidence to support the role of diet drinks in preventing weight gain”. Contrary to the claims of the authors in this opinion article, a strong body of evidence based on high quality research affirms the beneficial role of low calorie sweeteners’ use in helping reduce overall calorie intake when used in place of sugar and as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle, thereby being a useful tool in weight management.
For more information please read the ISA comments by clicking here.

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