WHO announces public consultation on the draft guideline on low/no calorie sweeteners

ISA Statement in response to World Health Organization (WHO) announcement on public consultation on low/no calorie sweeteners

Brussels, 11th July 2022: The WHO has announced that it will open a public consultation on a draft guideline on the use of non-sugar sweeteners on 15th July.1

In 2015 the WHO recommended to reduce the intake of free sugars to less than 10% of total energy intake in the diet.2 Low/no calorie sweeteners are sweet tasting ingredients with no, or virtually no, calories that can be used in foods and beverages in place of sugar. The ISA looks forward to contributing to the public consultation and to public understanding of the benefits of low/no calorie sweeteners in sugar reduction.

At a time when obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including diabetes and oral diseases remain major global health challenges, low/no calorie sweeteners can be a helpful tool in reducing calorie and sugar intake, and thus body weight, while providing people with the desired sweet taste, when used in place of sugar and as part of a balanced diet. Furthermore, low/no calorie sweeteners can help manage blood glucose levels and contribute to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation.3