ISA welcomes approval of new low calorie sweetener Advantame

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Brussels 4 June 2014: The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) welcomes the introduction of the new low calorie sweetener Advantame to the EU market today, following a positive opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 20131 and subsequent regulatory approval on 15 May 20142.

Dr Hervé Nordmann, Chairman of the ISA’s Scientific & Regulatory Committee, explains that the approval of Advantame is good news for food manufacturers: “Whether in the development of low calorie foods, beverages or table-top sweeteners, Advantame provides manufacturers with yet another option to meet the requirements of today’s consumers for lower calorie, sweet foods and beverages”.

As with other low calorie sweeteners, Advantame provides sweet taste without calories and can be used in development and innovation with both caloric and low calorie sweeteners. Products which use low calorie sweeteners, as all or part of their sweetness formulation, make a useful contribution to reducing the calories in the everyday diet. Advantame is also kind to teeth.

  1. EFSA scientific opinion on Advantame:
  2. Commission Regulation (EU) No.497/2014 on the use of advantame as a sweetener: