Let’s talk about obesity and the joy of healthy eating

The ISA proudly supports World Obesity Day 2024

Brussels, 4th March 2024: The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) happily renews its support to World Obesity Day, celebrated each year to raise awareness on the complexities of obesity and the collaborative action needed to address it.

It is estimated that by 2035, 1.9 billion people will be living with obesity globally1. Obesity is a gateway to many chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and certain cancers, and can potentially lead to mental health issues2. ISA encourages all stakeholders to act to address obesity, working together to create healthy and sustainable environments where people can live longer and healthier lives.

With World Obesity Day 2024 theme being “Let’s Talk About Obesity and…”, the ISA has developed resources to talk about obesity and the joy of healthy eating. Every sector has a role to play in in the prevention and management of obesity and, while no single act can fix the obesity crisis on its own, low/no calorie sweeteners can help create healthier food environments.

This year, ISA is launching a series of online resources for both the public and health professionals on low/no calorie sweeteners and how to enjoy healthy eating, including:

By using low/no calorie sweeteners instead of sugar in home recipes, and by swapping a sugar-sweetened food or drink with its low/no calorie-sweetened equivalent, individuals can reduce their sugar and calorie intake, while maintaining the pleasure of sweet taste as part of a healthy diet3.

The ISA is honoured to be partnering for this campaign with renowned obesity and health-related organisations, including: ADEXO4, the association for people living with obesity in Portugal; the Brazilian diabetes association (ANAD)5, the Brazilian Association of Diabetes Educators (ANBED)6 and the Brazilian Federation of Diabetes’ Organisations (FENAD)7.

This year, let’s work together to change the perspective on obesity, reminding everyone that a healthy diet can be tasty!

Engage in the conversation about World Obesity Day 2024 by using #ISA4WOD, #WorldObesityDay and #ObesityAnd.

For more information on low/no calorie sweeteners, please visit https://www.sweeteners.org/ or contact the ISA Secretariat by clicking here.

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