British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) webinar 2018

The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) attended a webinar organised by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) on 16th May 2018, on “A sweet solution? Can low calorie sweeteners help us to reduce our sugars intake?“. On this occasion the ISA also provided an educational grant towards the success of this webinar, while the programme was directed by the BNF alone.

Replacement of sugar with low calorie sweeteners is one potential strategy to lower energy intakes in the battle against obesity across the EU. The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has hosted a webinar with expert speakers that aims to increase our understanding of low calorie sweeteners, including their safety and whether they can be helpful in sugars reduction and weight management.

The programme included the following presentations and speakers:

  • Setting the scene – the public health context
    Sara Stanner, British Nutrition Foundation
  • What should you say when asked whether low-calorie sweeteners help with weight management in adults?
    – The Academic insight – the evidence
    Prof Peter Rogers, University of Bristol
    – The Dietetic insight – the practical approach
    Dr Duane Mellor, Coventry University and BDA
    – The sweet tooth hypothesis and other sweetener controversies
    Prof Katherine Appleton, Bournemouth University
    – Emerging Research: New studies being undertaken
    Dr Una Masic, University of Liverpool

The webinar can be accessed on the BNF website and is available in English, French and

Read more about the outcome of this webinar in our dedicated article accessible by clicking here.