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The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. The latest scientific news and interesting information about low calorie sweeteners, their benefits and use in our everyday diet will now be also available on these social media platforms.

With the launch of Facebook and LinkedIn, the ISA can now connect on four different social media platforms: TwitterFacebookYouTube, and LinkedIn. Each of the four social media outlets will be updated regularly to include press releases, statements, articles about new scientific studies, interesting videos and interviews with scientific experts, upcoming scientific events and important announcements. If you are a healthcare professional, a food or nutrition scientist, a health journalist or even an individual interested in a balanced and healthy diet, by joining the ISA social media platforms you will get all the new evidence about the science behind the role of low calorie sweeteners in providing the desired sweet taste without calories, as well as in weight control, diabetes management and other health benefits.

The International Sweeteners Association invites all of you to “Like” ISA Facebook page, “Follow” @SweetenersAndU on Twitter and the ISA on LinkedIn, and “Subscribe” to the ISA YouTube channel, in order to receive all the news about its activities and events, and, most importantly, to stay well informed about the latest scientific news on low calorie sweeteners.