EFSA reconfirms safety of Neohesperidine DC

ISA welcomes the EFSA opinion on Neohesperidine DC

Brussels, 17th November 2022: The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published today an opinion on the sweetener and flavour enhancer Neohesperidine DC, reconfirming its safety.1 EFSA reviewed the available evidence and concludes that there is no safety concern in the use of Neohesperidine DC as a food additive.

Neohesperidine DC, which is produced by hydrogenation of neohesperidine, a flavonoid occurring naturally in bitter oranges, was originally approved for use in foods and drinks in the European Union in 1988. In accordance with European regulations, EFSA was asked by the European Commission to undertake a re-evaluation of Neohesperidine DC, as part of the re-assessment of all the food additives permitted for use in the EU before January 2009.