The videos included in this section are a combination of interviews with experts in relation to new or upcoming studies about low calorie sweeteners, outcomes of, and discussions coming from scientific events, as well as content from ISA activities such as campaigns conducted in support of World Diabetes Day.

We would like to invite you to watch the videos showcased below for more insightful information about a number of scientific issues such as obesity, diabetes, appetite control food intake, sweet taste, and of course low calorie sweeteners.

ISA for World Oral Health Day

ISA videos in support of World Oral Health Day
ISA supports World Oral Health Day 2019 video

'Act on Mouth Health'

Committed to helping raise awareness about the importance of optimal oral health and about good oral hygiene practices, the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) supports FDI World Dental Federation in celebrating World Oral Health Day 2019,

ISA for European Obesity Day & World Obesity Day

ISA videos in support of European Obesity Day and World Obesity Day
The ISA supports European Obesity Day 2019 video

Tackling obesity together now for a healthier tomorrow

The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) proudly joins forces with CNAO and Adexo in supporting European Obesity Day on 18th May. On this occasion, the ISA developed an animated video which aim to help raise awareness about obesity and its

ISA for World Diabetes Day

ISA videos in support of World Diabetes Day
ISA supports World Diabetes Day 2018 video

'It's a Family Thing!'

Family is the best team you can have in life. When it comes to diabetes prevention and management you are not alone. You have a powerful ally: your family. Because diabetes care starts from home! The International Sweeteners Association (ISA)

Interviews with experts

In this section you could find filmed interviews with international scientific experts on low calorie sweeteners.
An interview with Prof Adam Drewnowski video

Low calorie sweeteners in the current public health debate

Prof Adam Drewnowski, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, was the keynote speaker of the 3rd ISA Conference, in November 2018 in London. On that occasion, the ISA interviewed Prof Drewnowski about the current

ISA Conference 2018

Presentations from the ISA Conference 2018: "The science behind low calorie sweeteners: where evidence meets policyā€¯
The Science behind low calorie sweeteners: where evidence meets policy video

Highlights from the ISA Conference 2018

The 3rd ISA Conference: "The Science behind low calorie sweeteners: where evidence meets policy", was held on 6th November 2018 at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. The conference brought together leading international scientific experts on