In this section you may find the latest news around low calorie sweeteners research in relation to their safety and benefits in weight management, diabetes and oral health, or their role in a balanced diet.

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A 2018 science review: Latest research on low calorie sweeteners

Posted: 13 December 2018

Highlights: Consumers of low calorie sweeteners have higher diet quality and lower sugar intake, new data from Australia, Brazil, the UK and the US show; Adding up to current evidence, new clinical trials confirm that low calorie sweeteners do not...

A review of 2017 science news around low calorie sweeteners

Posted: 04 January 2018

Going through the different sections of the ISA website and reviewing the scientific news published over the last year, made us realise that 2017 was a year with interesting new research and scientific publications around low calorie sweeteners, whi...

ADA’s 2017 guidelines support the beneficial role of low calorie sweeteners in diabetes management

Posted: 28 February 2017

Over the last 25 years, the American Diabetes Association ’s (ADA’s) “ Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes ” 1 remain a reference point in diabetes management, as they are updated annually, aiming to provide clinicians, patients and researcher...

Consensus statement on the benefits of low calorie sweeteners

Posted: 01 December 2014

A peer review featured in December issue of the Nutrition Bulletin The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) is delighted to share a new consensus paper, published in the December issue of Nutrition Bulletin, a peer-reviewed journal...

Diabetes UK reaffirms low calorie sweeteners’ intake recommendation

Posted: 01 March 2018

New nutrition guidelines by Diabetes UK support low calorie sweeteners’ use in diabetes. Highlights: The new Diabetes UK nutrition guidelines for diabetes prevention and management endorse the use of low calorie sweeteners; Numerous scientific and r ...

Drinking low calorie sweeteners beverages is associated with a better diet quality and lower energy intake, a new UK study suggests

Posted: 01 March 2016

Following a healthy eating pattern is the new trend in the world of nutrition today and many experts agree it’s time to stop focusing on individual nutrients, and time to start talking about healthy eating patterns overall. A healthy eati...