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26th European Congress on Obesity

Date: 28th April to 01st May 2019, Glasgow, Scotland

Being the most important annual scientific event on obesity in Europe, the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) aims to provide an annual forum for the dissemination of information about research advances in the field of obesity and to debate and promote innovative preventive and treatment strategies to reduce the prevalence of obesity and related diseases. The Congress, organised by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) is taking place from 28th April to 1st May in Glasgow, Scotland (UK) and will bring together international experts and opinion leaders in the field of ob...

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Webinar on Low Calorie Sweeteners by the Ibero-American Nutrition Foundation (FINUT)

Date: 10th april 2019 (online)

The Ibero-American Nutrition Foundation (Fundación Iberoamericana de Nutrición - FINUT) is organising a free online webinar about sweet taste and low calorie sweeteners with the participation of seven well-renowned academics and respected expert ...

31st National Congress of Mexican Diabetes Federation

Date: 14th to 16th March 2019, Acapulco, Mexico

The XXXI Mexican Diabetes Federation Congress will take place in the city of Acapulco (Mexico), at the Expo Mundo Imperial, from 14th to 16th of March 2019. The congress, organised by the Mexican Diabetes Federation, is the highest-level meeting on...

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British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) webinar 2018

Date: 16th May 2018 (online)

25th European Congress on Obesity

Date: 23rd to 26th May 2018, Vienna, Austria

20th conference of Institut Pasteur de Lille

Date: 14th and 15th June 2018, Lille, France

56th AFDN Congress

Date: 7th to 9th June 2018, Antibes, France

Ganepão 2018

Date: 12th to 15th June 2018, São Paulo, Brazil


Date: 22nd to 25th September 2018, Guadalajara, Mexico

EFAD Conference 2018

Date: 28 & 29 September 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) Conference 2018

Date: 6th November 2018, London, UK

24th European Congress on Obesity

Date: 17th to 20th May 2017, Porto, Portugal

35th International Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition

Date: 19th to 22th June 2017, Skagen, Denmark

10th EFAD Conference

Date: 29th and 30th September 2017, Rotterdam, Netherlands

21st IUNS-International Congress of Nutrition

Date: 15th-20th October 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina

French Nutrition Day 2017 (JFN - Journées Francophones de Nutrition)

Date: 13th-15th December 2017, Nantes, France

AFDN Congress

Date: 26th to 28th May 2016, Lille, France

European Obesity Summit

Date: 1st to 4th June 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden

34th International Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition

Date: 29th June to 1st July 2016, Praque, Czech Republic

17th International Congress Of Dietetics

Date: 7th to 10th September 2016, Granada, Spain


Date: 29th June to 1st July 2015, Prague, Czech Republic

12th FENS European Nutrition Conference

Date: 20th to 23rd October 2015, Berlin, Germany

9th EFAD Conference

Date: 23rd and 24th October 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

ISA Conference 2014

Date: 2nd April 2014, Brussels, Belgium

8th DIETS-EFAD Conference

Date: 9th to 12th October 2014, Athens, Greece