Lifestyle interventions can help in diabetes prevention

Author(s): An interview with Prof Anne Raben, University of Copenhagen, Denmark | Posted: 03 November 2016

In the context of World Diabetes Day 2016 (WDD 2016), which is celebrated annually on 14 November, Prof Anne Raben highlights in this video the importance of lifestyle interventions in diabetes management and talks about the PREVIEW Project (acronym of PREVention of diabetes), an international 3-year intervention programme in 2,500 pre-diabetic overweight and obese children and adults. The primary goal of this large multicentre study, which is coordinated by Prof Anne Raben, is to identify the most efficient combination of diet and exercise for the prevention of type 2 diabetes in this population.

In relation to low calorie sweeteners’ role, Prof Raben supports that they can be helpful in helping people, including people with diabetes, to reduce their sugar intake.