Dietary changes, including low calorie sweeteners use, have an important role in diabetes control

Author(s): An interview with Dr Caomhan Logue, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK | Posted: 02 November 2016

In the context of World Diabetes Day 2016 (WDD 2016), which is celebrated annually on 14 November, Dr Caomhan Logue summarises the dietary and lifestyle principles that can help people with diabetes in achieving good glycaemic control. Dr Logue also highlights the integral role of dietitians in helping people with diabetes to manage their blood glucose levels more effectively by translating the scientific evidence and communicating that to the public, as well as helping people with diabetes in adopting healthier behaviours.

In his role also as a dietitian, Dr Logue supports that low calorie sweeteners can help people with diabetes to reduce the sugar and energy intake while maintaining the palatability of the diet, and therefore suggests that low calorie sweeteners can be included as an option in an individualised diet for people with diabetes.