ISA booklet `Low calorie sweeteners: Role and benefits` (September 2018)

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Author(s): ISA | Publication Year: 2018


For latest factual scientific information on low calorie sweeteners, their characteristics and the evidence supporting their beneficial contribution to a balanced diet and lifestyle, please download our recently published interactive booklet entitled ‘Low calorie sweeteners: Role and benefits – A guide to the science of low calorie sweeteners.

This resource contains information on:

  • The main characteristics of low calorie sweeteners
  • The safety, approval process and regulation of low calorie sweeteners
  • The use of low calorie sweeteners in foods and drinks and their role in reformulation and in sugar reduction
  • The effect of low calorie sweeteners on reducing energy intake and on weight management
  • The impact of low calorie sweeteners on glucose control and therefore their role in the diet of people with diabetes
  • How low calorie sweeteners affect oral and dental health
  • The role of sweet taste in the human diet
  • How low calorie sweeteners can be part of a healthy diet

Low Calorie Sweeteners: Role and Benefits’ is based on science, with references and contributions from internationally recognised experts.

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