The British Nutrition Foundation launches video on the truth about low calorie sweeteners

Mar 2013


The British Nutrition Foundation launches video on the truth about low calorie sweeteners

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), a charity established over 45 years ago, to deliver authoritative, evidence-based information on food and nutrition in the context of health and lifestyle, has launched “Understanding Low-Calorie Sweeteners”, a video on the role of the low calorie sweeteners in a healthy, balanced diet.

The video was developed by the BNF in response to a survey it commissioned, of 2,000 people that indicated many consumers are still unsure about how to use low calorie sweeteners or have some concerns about their safety.

Presented by Sara Stanner, Nutritionist and Science Programme Manager for the BNF, this video outlines the safety of low calorie sweeteners as well as their use in diabetes and weight management. It can be viewed here, along with facts about low calorie sweeteners.

Sara Stanner said: "A survey that we commissioned showed a quarter of respondents wanted to know more about the safety of sweeteners, so we have created this video to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Low-calorie sweeteners have been the subject of extensive scientific research and their safety has been revaluated many times, but many people remain confused about their role in the diet. We have also built a dedicated low-calorie sweeteners information page on our website, where people can download factsheets and view presentations from experts in this area."

Commenting on the initiative, Hugues Pitre, Chairman of the ISA, said: “Low calorie sweeteners have an important role to play in many every day products such as drinks, chewing gums, yoghurts and table top sweeteners. It is heartening to see a highly-respected organisation such as the BNF strive to clear up the many misunderstandings about these ingredients. We believe this video and information will be of great use for both healthcare professionals and beyond.”

To watch The British Nutrition Foundation online video about low calories sweeteners please visit

Financial support for the filming of the video was provided by Thirst for Knowledge, an educational initiative for healthcare professionals by Coca-Cola Great Britain.

For more information about the use and benefits of low calorie sweeteners, please see the ISA fact sheets available here:

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Does low calorie sweetener consumption affect energy intake and body weight?

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