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Sweet talk: factsheets on benefits of low calorie sweeteners

The ISA has updated its series of factsheets in April 2016 to provide latest scientific information about the benefits of low calorie sweeteners. The following factsheets are available for download: 


Obesity and overweight

Pregnancy and childhood

Oral health

Weight control

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Low Calorie Sweeteners: Role and Benefits

As humans, we have an innate preference for sweet taste. However, with food plentiful in developed countries and with more people leading sedentary lifestyles, this preference for sweetness is something we need to manage more effectively than ever before. High obesity rates show that more people need to focus on active, healthy lifestyles and energy balance – that is, balancing the calories consumed with the calories burned through physical activity.

The health and financial impacts of treating obesity are a cause for concern. In recent years there has been a steady and significant increase in consumer demand for low calorie products.

As a result there is growing interest among healthcare professionals and the general public to learn more about low calorie sweeteners, the foods and drinks in which they are found, how they help to reduce calorie intake and contribute to weight management and improved overall health.

For latest factual information on low calorie sweeteners, their characteristics, the evidence supporting their beneficial contribution to a balanced diet and lifestyle, please download our brochure Low Calorie Sweeteners: Role and benefits (Updated April 2016).

This resource contains information on:

  • The Development of Sweet Taste
  • The Use and Role of Low Calorie Sweeteners
  • The Safety and Approval of Low Calorie Sweeteners
  • Benefits of Low Calorie Sweeteners for Diet and Health
  • Low Calorie Sweeteners and Special Health Considerations
  • Low calorie sweeteners and healthy lifestyle habits
  • The Characteristics of Low Calorie Sweeteners Commonly Used in Europe

Low Calorie Sweeteners: Role and Benefits is based on science, with references and contributions from internationally recognised experts, including Professor Andrew Renwick OBE, Dr Adam Drewnowski and Dr Carlo La Vecchia.

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Does low calorie sweetener consumption affect energy intake and body weight?

Prof Peter Rogers takes us through the results of his review published in the International Journal of Obesity in November 2015. The review looked at the effect of low calorie sweeteners’ exposure on calorie intake and body weight. The results indicate that the use of low calorie sweetened beverages leads to reduced energy intake and body weight, and possibly also when compared with water.